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Adelante Mobile Wine Bar

Our renovated 1958 Arrowhead Mobile Wine Bar provides a welcoming, aesthetically pleasing environment for your even

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Antique Brew Trucks

Chester County, PA

Drinks poured by a stunning 1929 Model A Huckster, combining 100 years of American automobile heritage with modern technology 🍻

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The Bubbly Pony Mobile Bar

Westchester County, NY

This mobile bar company offer your choice of a charming horse trailer bar, vintage tuk tuk truck, elegant bar cart & mini bar! ✨

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The Speakeasy Baking Co.

San Francisco Bay Area, CA

Wonderful cakes, delightful cookies & beautiful brownies with a stunning 1957 Piaggio Ape displaying them all. Perfection! 😍

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2010 Trailer Co. Mobile Bar Service

Dallas-Fort Worth, TX

This converted horse trailer bar comes with endless add-on options, including a cigar bar, sangria station & organic cocktails!

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Bougie Hooch Mobile Celebrations

Temecula, CA

This converted camper mobile bar has been upgraded, repainted, resealed & revitalized, whilst retaining all of its vintage charm!

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Tin Can Bar Co

Calaveras County, CA

This converted horse trailer bar is hard to miss, combining bright red walls and cheetah print roof with creative craft cocktails

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Sips and Baubles Mobile Bar

Brentwood, CA

A horse trailer bar with a twist. Come for the amazing open top roof and patterned ceiling, stay for the signature cocktails!

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The Petite Fleet

Santa Barbara, CA

This converted horse trailer bar is a stunning choice for your event, serving up signature cocktails and beautiful boho charm

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Pour Girl Bartending

Central Coast, CA

A 1970s horse trailer bar offering craft beverages, adaptogenic tonics and garden to glass cocktails.

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Pick & Pour Mobile Beverage Services

Santa Barbara, CA

Signature cocktails served from the window of a 1962 vintage turquoise Shasta caravan bar. A slice of '60s cool for your event.

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Paloma Mobile Bar

Humboldt County, CA

Sip in style and make your party pop with this converted vintage caravan turned gorgeous mobile bar inspired by French cafés.

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Modern Tart Mobile Bar

Los Angeles, CA

A beautifully converted 1966 Jet Camper caravan bar, combining retro charm with dreamy colors and contemporary touches.

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Adelante Mobile Wine Bar

Los Angeles, CA

This renovated 1958 Arrow trailer turned mobile bar provides beautiful aesthetics and a vintage charm.

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