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Caravan bars

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This ‘66 Jet Camper caravan bar is a stunner, combining retro charm and a sleek finish on the outside, with dreamy colors and thoughtful, contemporary touches on the inside

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A Lil Somethin' Sweet

Sonoma, CA

Cocktails and sweet treats served from your choice of converted vintage camper, horse trailer bar or vintage Cushman scooter.

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Little Pint Mobile Bar

Cultus Lake, BC

Mobile bar camper conversions don't come cuter than this. Have your guests grab drinks from an incredible '74 Flipper Burstner!

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Paloma Mobile Bar

Humboldt County, CA

Sip in style and make your party pop with this converted vintage caravan turned gorgeous mobile bar inspired by French cafés.

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Adelante Mobile Wine Bar

Los Angeles, CA

This renovated 1958 Arrow trailer turned mobile bar provides beautiful aesthetics and a vintage charm.

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Amble & Sip

Nanaimo, BC

This converted camper is 40+ years old & looking as beautiful as ever serving up delicious beverages across Vancouver Island

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Sip Mobile Bar

Vassar, MI

Offering two vintage campers turned mobile bars, plus a cute bar cart, this rental company have every type of event covered

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The Candid Camper

Columbus, OH

Let your guests take home a unique memento from your big day by hiring the cutest converted '76 Playmor camper photo booth!

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The Hitchhiker Mobile Bar

Bend, OR

This sibling owned 1960s converted Shasta camper makes for a wonderful mobile bar. Add a Donut Wall for extra sweet treats!

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Kombi Keg Sarasota

Sarasota, FL

A split window VW Kombi in beautiful Tiffany blue, complete with 6 taps, chilling trunk & rooftop TV. What more could you need?

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The Clipper Mill Photo Booth

Sonoma County, CA

A vintage canned ham trailer re-imagined into a playful photo booth, perfect for capturing memories at your next event 📸

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Bar Go

Perry, GA

Looking for a bar that stands out from the crowd? This super-shiny, super-cool 1964 Airstream Bambi II does the trick!

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Sips To Soirees

Baton Rouge, LA

Take your pick of a retro camper mobile bar, horse trailer, tap bar, serving station & Italian cart from this events company 🍻

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The Bar Kart

Claremont, CA

This converted camper can act as a fully stacked functioning mobile bar or serve sweet dessert treats to your guests.

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Hidden Gem Traveling Bar

Las Vegas, NV

A mobile cocktail bar, owned and operated by experienced mixologists, bringing vintage Hollywood glam to your next event 🥂

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Long Island, NY

Choose an American icon and hire this converted vintage Airstream trailer bar for cocktails, photoshoots and brand promotions.

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The Wild Lemon Mobile Bar

Sumner, WA

Handcrafted cocktails served by trained bartenders from an eye-catching, custom designed, Airstream style bar. Sign us up!

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The Pocket Bakery

Louisville, KY

This vintage camper has been converted into a beautiful bakery on wheels, stocked full of baked goods, desserts, bread & pastries!

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Capture the Vibe Photo Booth

Orlando, FL

Make capturing memories extra fun for your guests with a quirky, vintage camper turned photo booth. "Say Cheese!"

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Maeve’s Mobile Cocktail Hour

Seacoast Region, NH

This 1960s camper has been converted into a beautiful mobile bar ready to serve up culinary delights along the NH coastline

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Pick & Pour Mobile Beverage Services

Santa Barbara, CA

Signature cocktails served from the window of a 1962 vintage turquoise Shasta caravan bar. A slice of '60s cool for your event.

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